Sport a Confident Smile This Summer with Our Dental Exam & Cleaning

Our team at The Dental Gallery in Jamesville, New York, is here to get your smile ready for summer with our professional dental cleaning and exam. Dr. Kurt A. D’Amico has found that regular dental exams and cleanings are a fitting complement to daily at-home oral care when it comes to maintaining your healthy smile. The… Read more »

Dry Socket: How to Improve Your Oral Health and Relieve Your Pain

If you’re suffering from a dry socket, it’s best to visit your dentist, Dr. , as soon as possible so you can receive the necessary treatment and you can finally improve your oral health and relieve your pain. A dry socket in , , occurs when you’ve had a tooth extracted but you haven’t necessarily… Read more »

What You Should Do When Brushing

Do you ever wonder if you brush your teeth right? Naturally, most people develop habits, but do you ever wonder if there is anything you could improve? In fact, there are many little things that many people don’t seem to know about tooth brushing. For example, you probably know that you should brush twice a… Read more »

What Can Laser Dentistry Do for Me?

What do you know about laser dentistry? You’ve probably heard of it, but do you ever wonder exactly what it is? For example, do you know what benefits you could enjoy if you decide on laser identity? Is laser dentistry safe? If you’ve ever had questions such as these, we’re happy to help. As you… Read more »

What to Do If You Are Experiencing Tooth Pain

Do you have tooth pain or sensitivity? Tooth pain can be caused by anything including sensitivity to hot and cold temperature extremes from or a cracked or chipped tooth, or exposed dentin. If the pain is unbearable you may have an infected tooth. The first thing you should do if the pain persists is to… Read more »

Addressing the Causes of Stained Tooth Enamel

Stained tooth enamel, especially on the teeth in your smile can leave you feeling uncomfortable. Even the best tooth whitening products and procedures can only yield temporary results, if the cause of staining isn’t identified and addressed. It’s a good idea to consult with a dentist at before starting any whitening routine. They are trained… Read more »

When a Child May Need a Dental Crown

A dental crown is a custom-made covering that is placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance. A dental crown, which is also called a cap, will completely cover the visible part of the tooth when it is cemented in place. Dental crowns are generally suggested for the permanent teeth. However,… Read more »

What to Consider When Considering Dental Implants

Many people have questions about dental implants. How do they work? What impact would dental implants have on my life? Are implants for me? This is a basic guide to familiarize yourself with dental implants as you begin considering them in your life. How they work: Dental implants are used to replace missing or unhealthy… Read more »

Reduce Your Risk For Cavities With Dental Sealants

Did you know that 80-90% of cavities develop in the chewing surface of your molars and premolars? But did you also know that you can reduce your risk for tooth decay in these areas by 70% when you get a dental sealant? Keep reading to learn more about this preventive dental treatment and how it… Read more »

Beware of the Perils of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is gum disease. It is an infection of the tissues that surround and support your teeth. Periodontal disease is the most common cause of tooth loss among adults. Dr. D’Amico is a dental detective who can properly diagnose gum disease. The warning signs are gums that are tender, red, swollen or bleed easily;… Read more »