The Basics of a Toothache

Toothaches can be complicated and tricky at times, which can also make them confusing. If you are currently experiencing a toothache, we would like to help you by explaining the basics and details of the problem. So, to help you better understand toothaches, we are happy to provide the answers to the following questions: What… Read more »

Oral Health During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time, you are building another human and you will want to be in your best health possible. This includes your oral health as well, as the condition of your mouth can directly impact your own health and that of your developing baby’s. Seeing your dentist is just as important as seeing… Read more »

An Overview of Dental Bridges

If you wish to permanently replace your missing teeth, a dental bridge is the right restoration for you! A dental bridge is a strong, successful, and sturdy product that gives you the appearance you want and the bite you need. It is made of two or more dental crowns and false teeth. It is also… Read more »

How Can Playing Sports Affect Your Oral Health

Are you interested in playing sports? Do you consider yourself an athlete? If you do, we hope you’ve heard about the importance of mouthguards. They are very important for helping you maintain sound oral health—but did you know that there are other health risks associated with playing sports? For example, many athletes suffer from dry… Read more »

Your Dental health and Oral Piercings

Are you considering an oral piercing, but find yourself concerned with potential health risks? Do you ever wonder about how safe oral piercings are? Do piercings even influence your oral health? To answer questions such as these, we’re happy to discuss a few risks of oral piercing. Sadly, piercings are not always safe. For example,… Read more »

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Do you have a missing tooth? Do you have dentures that need stabilizing? One of the best ways to solve these problems is to have dental implants placed in your jaw bone for restorations to attach to. Though traditional dental implants are an excellent option in restoring your smile, we also offer mini dental implants… Read more »

All You Need to Know about Veneers

If you have been considering dental veneers, you may have a lot of questions about them. The best source of information can always come directly from your dentist, especially if you wonder whether the products are right for you. However, we do have a few facts about receiving dental veneers. As you may already know,… Read more »

March Office News

The office is getting spruced up! We’ve painted the reception area and bathroom while adding new fixtures and a computer station for health history completion. A great step up from the previous laptop, this offers a large screen and keyboard.

June Office News

Mr. Mahoney’s 5th grade class, of Jamesville Dewitt Elementary, has created a program for Jamaican kids. *Kids for Jamaican kids. * The class realized that Jamaican children aren’t as lucky as they are and don’t have many common resources available to them regarding dental care. We are so proud of our patient Morgan, who took… Read more »

May Office News

The staff got together to help promote and participate in I love My Park day! Jamesville is the home to Clark’s Reservation, a beautiful place for hiking and playing. We broke off into groups and helped clean up the park. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.