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What do you know about laser dentistry? You’ve probably heard of it, but do you ever wonder exactly what it is? For example, do you know what benefits you could enjoy if you decide on laser identity? Is laser dentistry safe? If you’ve ever had questions such as these, we’re happy to help.

As you can probably guess, laser dentistry relies on a focused, intense beam of light being shone in your mouth. This technology can help with infected gum tissue and can help children who suffer from incorrect muscle attachment in the jaw. This attachment can hinder speech in young children. Laser dentistry can also remove jaw inflammation helping with TMJ, fight tumors, and even help with whitening treatments—and many of these treatments require less healing time than they would otherwise.

This option is especially useful for those who suffer from dental anxiety because it is minimally invasive and the laser can replace the drill in some instances. Similarly, laser treatment heals faster, doesn’t require stitches, reduces bleeding in your mouth, and generally has less painful recovery.

To learn more, please feel free to give The Dental Gallery a call at 315-446-6620. Our team will be happy to schedule an appointment for you, and will be glad to address your needs with you. We will also examine your mouth to see whether or not laser dentistry is right for you. Our entire team—including Dr. Kurt A. D'Amico–look forward to meeting you!