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Many people have questions about dental implants. How do they work? What impact would dental implants have on my life? Are implants for me? This is a basic guide to familiarize yourself with dental implants as you begin considering them in your life.

How they work: Dental implants are used to replace missing or unhealthy teeth. They are made of titanium, and are placed directly into the jaw bone. The bone then heals around the implant in a process called “osseointegration.” This can take several months. Once the implant is integrated to the bone, a crown or bridge is attached, designed to match the teeth around it.

Impact: Receiving implants can have a major impact on your life. Full recovery can take up to several months, although it does vary from patient to patient. However, the pain and embarrassment of missing or damaged teeth can be very intense. Dental implants can provide you with the smile and strong bite you’ve wanted for a long time.

Is it for me? Your personal health is a very major consideration, more so even than your age. Chronic illnesses can seriously impact recovery. Dental implants are an effective solution for many people with missing teeth, but they are not for everybody. Some people are better candidates for dentures or bridge applications. Dr Kurt A. D'Amico has extensive experience helping people in the Jamesville, New York, area achieve their best smiles. Please consult with him at The Dental Gallery before making any decisions.