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Do you have tooth pain or sensitivity? Tooth pain can be caused by anything including sensitivity to hot and cold temperature extremes from or a cracked or chipped tooth, or exposed dentin. If the pain is unbearable you may have an infected tooth. The first thing you should do if the pain persists is to let your dentist know and make an appointment. The problem with avoiding coming in is that whatever is causing you pain can grow worse and require more invasive treatment if it goes on too long. We want to help you be prepared for your visit, and hope the following helps you!

Before coming in, it will help to put together a list of medicines you are taking, including any vitamins and supplements. Please include any allergic reactions you have had to medications, and think of any questions you will want to ask our dentist during your appointment.

This list might include the following:

Cavity – If I have a cavity, can it be filled with a dental restoration or will it require a crown or root canal treatment?

Pain – when will it go away and what can I take for the pain?

Treatment – how many visits will I need to make to treat this tooth?

Prevention – what can I do on my end to prevent cavities from cropping up?

Fluoride – do I need more fluoride, and does our tap water have fluoride added to it?

These are all good questions to ask during your visit to help you get best treat whatever is ailing your teeth. As far as your pain goes, if you need pain relief prior to coming in, ask our staff while you are setting your appointment to ask for what over-the-counter pain or anesthetic medications our dentist recommends to help manage your pain levels. Prior to your appointment, please keep your mouth clean to reduce harmful bacteria levels. It may help to brush and clean your mouth using warm, not hot or cold water. It will also help if you avoid hot and cold food and drinks until we see you, or overly sweet foods that will trigger tooth pain. There are also toothpastes made to help with tooth sensitivity.

If you are experiencing any tooth pain, we are here to help. Come in and see our dentist as soon as possible and we will help restore your smile again. To schedule a visit with Dr. Kurt D’Amico, please call The Dental Gallery team in Jamesville, New York at 315-446-6620 today!